Aligning Ferret: Readers’ Reviews

Below are all comments we have received so far (from a total of over 50 readers). To share your comments, please e-mail them to me.

Biswadeep Chatterjee, Enterprise Architect at Platform Engineering Capabilities at Intel Information Technology :

“Unputdownable” is the phrase that I would like to use to describe Aligning Ferret. The simple narrative style and the way it helped me understand and assimilate a lot of management concepts was astounding. By the end of the book I had learned much more than I ever had by attending many corporate trainings.

Prerna Kapoor, Assistant Manager, HR, Motif Inc :

…a realistic teaching story …[read full review…]

Raghunandan Sastry, Wipro Technologies :

…I remained glued to the book…[read full review…]

Deepak Kumar, Lead Architect at Mahindra Satyam :

…And I love this book…[read full review…]

R Venkata Ramana , Process Consultant at QAI India Ltd:

…I recommend this book for those who want to embark… [read full review…]

V Vinayagamurthy, Chief Manager, ST & QM Group, Siemens Information Systems Limited:

Aligning Ferret gives a very good perspective on how organizations should move from one maturity plane to another. The book gives you an experience of walking through an organization when it is growing. This book gives a clear career path for those in Quality Assurance seeking top management positions.

Vasudevan A , Independent Consultant, Bangalore:

…strategic planning, balance scorecard, people management etc are well twined with the story line and their importance is narrated with ease and sense of humor… [read full review…]

Sandeep Banerjee, Senior Consultant, QAI India Ltd:

…is also a reflection of how we approach problems – so much at a superficial level… [read full review…]

Turab Lakdawala, Managing Director, Tempest Advertising Pvt Ltd:

Aligning Ferret is racy and simple. The beauty is in introducing planning concepts in the most practical way. It almost reads like a typical day in the reader’s own life. A definite read for not only managers but students entering the Corporate World.

Kalpana Singh, Process Consultant, QAI India Ltd:

…beautifully written business novel…strongly recommend the book as a good read… [read full review…]

V Venkatachalam, Process Team Lead, Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab:

…insightful and the solutions are practical…must read for all Strategy Developers, Project Managers, Quality and HR professionals… [read full review…]

Ramkumar Ramachandran, AGM – QMG at 3i Infotech :

…Grrreat! a book that Indian IT needs is at last here… [read full review…]

Vivekananda Pedagada, Senior Executive – HR at HCL BPO :

…best part of this book lies in describing their implementation in real business scenarios… [read full review…]

Dr Devender Nath, Chairman,Rhodium Hunt and Rhodium Quest:

…tools to align every facet of business strategy… [read full review…]

Gururaj Managuli, Consulting Partner and SCAMPI HMLA, QAI India Ltd:

…profound knowledge for us to absorb….several frameworks and brings them together in a cohesive context… [read full review…]

Deepak Kumar, Business Excellence Analyst, Unisys India:

…consolidation exercises at the end of each chapter make the readers think of possible solutions…MUST READ for all employees in an organization…[read full review…]

Bharathi Krishnamurthi, HR, Accenture:

…management concepts are well twined in the form of a story… [read full review…]

Vinay Sharma, Senior Manager, HCL Technologies:

…liked the presentation of this book in terms of formatting, titles and usages of wide range of jargon… [read full review…]

Prachi Naik, Six Sigma Black Belt & CMMI Implementor:

…concepts are put across lucidly and interestingly at the same time… [read full review…]

Srikanth Raghavan, Director, Global Technology Centre India, Unisys:

…practical insight into how an organization can align its performance towards meeting the business strategy… [read full review…]

Ritesh Verma, FS-RM Lead, Accenture:

…great things in the book are the sense of humor and the exercises at the end of each chapter… [read full review…]

Ravi Visvesvaraya Prasad, an entrepreneur, consultant and columnist in software, telecom, infotech based in New Delhi:

…brilliant novel which lucidly describes the pulls and pressures on a project manager in a thrilling fashion… [read full review…]

S Sivanandan, Manager- Quality, ARICENT:

…Definitely a Must-Read for everyone… [read full review…]

C K Vijay Bhaskar, Business Excellence Analyst, Unisys:

…wonderful flow of content that provokes you to think… [read full review…]

Viji Menon, CQM (Bangalore Region), HCL Technologies Ltd:

…a great asset to the corporate world, particularly IT world… [read full review…]

Noshir Patel, An Independent ISO Consultant, Pune:

…What is done superbly are the interplay and overflow of stresses between office and home…. [read full review…]

Dr S Muralidharan, Director – Total Quality Management, CSC India:

…time spent in reading this book is well worth the investment… [read full review…]

Geatesh Tampy, Director, Global Chemical Development International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., New Jersey:

…excellent book on business concepts… [read full review…]

Prithvi Shergill, Human Resources Lead, Accenture India:

…capture the challenges of our complex times in a manner that makes it easy to relate the learnings to our day-to-day life… [read full review…]

OS Balaji, (see his blog here), Business Process Consultant, Wipro, Chennai:

…to survive in a competing business is well etched out through interesting events… [read full review…]

Shivas Hameed, HR, Accenture, India:

…an interesting case-study for a small-to-medium sized organization… [read full review…]

Balaram Chandra, Lead Process Consultant, Satyam Computer Services:

…is a must read for every IT professional who intends to play the role of what we quite often term as “Change Agent”… [read full review…]

Mukul Agrawal, Chairman, eTutorworld

…provides an authentic blow-by-blow account on how a typical senior management team in an Indian offshore center operates… [read full review…]

Ajay Batra, Founding Partner, QAI India:

…has distilled the plethora of knowledge that is available, and presented with reader with a select few, and mighty powerful, frameworks and approaches…[read full review…]

Dr. Bhaskar Ghosh, Executive Director, Global Lead-Infrastructure Outsourcing, Delivery Center Network for Technologies, Accenture:

Aligning Ferret is an excellent book which shows how to convert strategy into action. This is a realistic overview of challenges faced by IT professionals and an inspiring read.

Uma Rao, Head Process and Tools Group, SLK Software Services Pvt Ltd.:

…unfolds challenges encountered and solutions implemented thereof progressively with a touch of humor… [read full review…]

Tilak Raj Panjabi, Country Head (India), DST Worldwide Services:

…an excellent elaboration of strategy and its implementation challenges… [read full review…]

Lakshmi Abburu, SEPG, Accenture India Delivery Centre:

…was difficult to put the book down once I started… [read full review…]

Shankar Subramanian, Managing Director, Cutter Associates, Inc., Alumnus IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Madras:

…mixed with business concepts, a little bit of corporate intrigue, personal and cross cultural commentary… [read full review…]

Alok Sharma – Vice President, Quality, Headstrong Services Pvt Limited

…Every character seems to be alive and every scene feels familiar… [read full review…]

Parameshwaran Ramesh, General Manager – Corporate Quality, CSC India:

…pearls of business wisdom against the fabric of an IT company… [read full review…]

Umesh Vyas, CPO, Intelenet:

…changing one’s perspective from operations to business and strategy… [read full review…]

Srikanth Kestur, Process Consultant, Satyam:

…has a simple yet very powerful narration… [read full review…]

Sankararaman Dhandapani, Principal Consultant, QAI India Ltd:

…all round concepts required for managing businesses… [read full review…]

V B Parab, Mumbai:

…Great story flow keeps the reader hooked, concepts are simplified using situations and personalities are well woven… [read full review…]

R Sathyavageeswaran, Asst Vice President –Quality, Aricent:

…readers appreciate the benefits of frameworks… [read full review…]

Dr.R.Gopinath, Manager – Process & Quality Assurance, Freescale Semiconductor:

…is its sense of humour. I found myself breaking into smile, chuckling and even laughing out aloud at least twenty times…can be an effective educational material… [read full review…]

(Dr. Gopinath blogs at

Prakash Hegde, Sr Consultant, QAI:

…the triumphs and the disappointments that the protagonists at Ferret face…makes it a compelling read… [read full review…]

Jyoti Bhat:

…just need to ask them to read ALIGNING FERRET!! [read full review…]

Siddharth Malhotra, Manager- Sapient,Gurgaon:

…read it once and have started reading it again. The book is really an outstanding creation…[read full review…]

S.Ramachandran, Director – Quality,Aricent:

…Strategy to implementation has been demystified and made simple… [read full review…]

Chinmay Pradhan, Consultant, QAI India Ltd:

…a very absorbing and entertaining read. A one stretch read…[read full review…]


Comments received from early readers before publication.

Sally A. Miller, Co-author, People Capability Maturity Model:

A colorful story with insightful characters that provides an interesting glimpse into a company with a rich culture so different from my own.

Chet Kamat, Managing Partner–India, Symphony Technology Group, Director of Capco, Netik, and Symphony Marketing Solutions:

The book comes across as a easy read – yet, it does a great job of bringing home the imperative to pull the various elements of business strategy together in an organisation; it makes real the value of sharing the business goals across various functions and teams and explains to a middle level manager the need to both understand and share the big picture. Well done !

Vishwas Mahajan, Co-founder and CEO, Compulink Systems Ltd.:

I found the book very engaging and relevant. As I run the business I am faced with some of the same dynamics and situations that present themselves in Ferret and it was nice to get a ‘helicopter view’ while reading it. The book is a synthesis of years of consulting experience that Rajesh and Swapna have, and their ability to string together the commonalities is excellent. I would recommend this to any senior manager, specifically in hi-tech industry.

Arnabi Marjit, HR Head-India, Kimberly Clark Lever:

This is going to be a boon to all those in various rungs of management who feel strategy is nothing but a ‘rocket science’ reserved only for the board rooms and those in the board rooms actually keep wondering what is the animal called strategy all about.

Ajay Tejpal, Fidelity Business Services India Pvt. Ltd:

Aligning Ferret is a very realistic portrayal of a modern, fast paced, on-the-move Executive. Read it like a novel or read it like a concept book, you’re sure to get hooked on to it.

S Guha, General Manager (QHSE) and MR, Linde Engineering India Pvt. Ltd:

…reading the manuscript was an interesting and enriching experience and I sincerely believe that this book will greatly help to promote painless learning and develop an appropriate mindset that recognises the importance of adopting sound quality and management concepts in our day-to-day work environment. It is a must for everyone who cares to improve the capability and maturity of their organisation continuously.

Thank you Swapna, thank you Rajesh for your brilliant work that has greatly helped me to align my thought process. I will preserve this unique gift for repeated reference.

Sudipto Marjit, Head- Business Planning, American Axle Manufacturing:

The best attribute of the book was its crisp pace. In fact, once I picked it up, it was difficult to put it down. A great resource for any Quality Practitioner.

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