Movie: Delhi Belly (2011, Hindi-English-Hinglish, India)

Delhi Belly, produced by Aamir Khan, is a rib-tickling, dark comedy with a thriller narrative. It is set in Delhi and uses of a lot of profane language (it was given an ‘A’ certificate). Released in 2011, it received great response from critics as well as movie goers. The movie was later remade in Tamil with the title Settai.
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Directed by Abhinay Deo
Released in 2011
Genre Dark Comedy, Thriller, Action
  • Imran Khan as Tashi (Young man-1)
  • Kunaal Roy Kapur as Nitin (Young man-2)
  • Vir Das as Arup (Young man-3)
  • Shenaz Treasurywala as Sonia (Tashi’s first girlfriend)
  • Poorna Jagannathan as Menaka (Tashi’s later girlfriend)
  • Vijay Raaz as Somayajulu (Gangster)
Music by Ram Sampath
Produced by Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, Ronnie Screwvala, Jim Furgele
Language Hindi, English, Hinglish
Length 1 hour 40 minutes

The Story

Three young men working in the media/ communication industry in Delhi share a dark, dirty, and dingy apartment in a crumbling building in a crowded area. Tashi (Imran Khan) is a journalist, Nitin (Kunaal Roy Kapur) is a photographer, and Arup (Vir Das) is a cartoonist.

The fun starts when Tashi’s birdbrained and pretty-looking girlfriend, air-hostess Sonia (Shenaz Treasurywalla) unknowingly carries smuggled diamonds hidden in a multi-layered doll. Sonia passes on the doll to Tashi for delivery, who delegates the delivery to Nitin. Nitin gets diarrhea (Delhi-belly) and he passes the doll to Arup along with his stool sample. Arup exchanges the two packets and the stool sample is delivered to the smuggler-gangsters, who are led by Somayajulu (Vijay Raaz).  

The rest of the movie is a hilarious, non-stop, roller-coaster ride. At first, the young men try to recover the diamonds and hand them over to the smugglers. Then they try to encash the diamonds for themselves; and finally they decide to take the matter into their own hands, have a showdown with the gangsters, and finish the whole thing once and for all.

In the process, Tashi changes his girlfriend, Arup’s heartthrob gets married to someone else. The landlord of the apartment also gets entangled in the mess.

S#!t Happens – but this s#!t is Brilliant!

“S#!t Happens” is the tagline of this movie. Yes, there is a guy with  diarrhea for most of the movie. It is also pacy, goofy, sexy, irreverent, mindless, filthy, with a thoroughly enjoyable ‘in your face’ attitude.

The acting by the newcomers Imran Khan, Shenaz Treasurywala, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Vir Das, and Poorna Jagannathan is very good, and the icing on the cake is a brilliant performance by Vijay Raaz as a deadpan and ruthless gangster boss.

A great movie that keeps the viewer engrossed for all the 100 odd minutes.

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  1. Have been planning on watching but have not done yet. Had forgotten. This movie had good press reviews as well. Especially for the usage of expletives. Am sure it will be great fun to watch.

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