Cartoon: Slaves to Measurement

Cartoon: Slaves to Measurement

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Author: Rajesh Naik

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2 thoughts on “Cartoon: Slaves to Measurement”

  1. Very apt observation.

    In this age of hyper activity around data (small and big) and measuring everything that can be measured (heartbeats, sentiments, sleep, calories, motions), one does get into thinking that any activity that is not measured is a “wasted activity”.

    And depression can set in when we find that we cannot compare today’s measure with yesterday’s or with somebody else’ measure.

    Here are some more scenarios of sheer waste:

    1. I went on a diet 2 weeks back but forgot to measure the calorie intake and check my weight. The diet was a waste.
    2. I worked at office for 10 hours but forgot to punch in; nobody will accept I was in office. Going to office was such a waste.
    3. I slept for over 10 hours, but did not have the fitbit on to measure the quality of sleep. Sleeping was a waste.
    4. I did not count the times I inhaled and exhaled air and held my breath; breathing was such a waste.

    Did someone not make that famous statement “In God we trust, everybody else must bring data”.

    In the absence of data, we are all lost, disoriented and disillusioned. Cannot trust oneself.

    We measure, so we exist.

    And to prove we exist, we measure.


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