Cartoon: Corporate Managers and Sports-persons – Sharing Best Practices

Corporate Managers and Sports-persons: Sharing Best Practices

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Author: Rajesh Naik

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8 thoughts on “Cartoon: Corporate Managers and Sports-persons – Sharing Best Practices”

  1. Your message is quite subtle, and very apt.

    We do now see that lot of corporate “worst practices” are being imbued in sports of all kinds. Take for example, the kind of news IPL makes every year. Match fixing sounds very much like promotion fixing and “fixing” people through the bell curve. Sports commentators sound like hot gas CEOs, more on sound and hysteria, less on substance and action. Post match interviews with losing captains sound like the leadership team reflections on a bad year (blame the market, blame the exchange rates, blame the regulations but make re-assuring noises around “we have a great team, we are learning from our experiences, future looks bright”; we need to sell more, we need to deliver better, we need to do a better job of protecting what we have). Sounds very much like “we need to bat well, we need to bowl well, we need to field well”, to increase our chances of success on the cricketing field.

    “Corporatization” of sports has begun in both literal and figurative sense of the term. And that maybe bad news to the avid sports enthusiast.

    But the (erstwhile) discipline of execution, team work that we associate with sports may never seep into a corporate ethos where “ends” tend to be perceived as important than the “means”; and winning every quarter is perceived as the only yardstick for success.

    Great cartoon, one can only imagine what can happen if “successful corporate managers” are appointed as “sports coaches”.

    1. Hi Prachi,

      Thanks, it just shows that I have nothing better to do 🙂 !

      Wish you a happy new year


  2. Hi Sir,

    Through this cartoon, your message is very subtle and meaningful. As corporate managers, we should reflect and bring discipline & team work in ourselves.

    From strategy to execution and from discipline to team work , we have lot to learn from sports…

    Wish you Happy New Year…

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