Cartoon: Buddha As Spa Brand Ambassador

Buddha As Spa Brand Ambassador

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Author: Rajesh Naik

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6 thoughts on “Cartoon: Buddha As Spa Brand Ambassador”

  1. This is awesome & thought provoking observation.

    Actually, this is modern style of attaining Nirvana by our “travelling priests”…Lol… Even Buddha will have to reincarnate & revisit his 10 commandments to fit into our modern culture.

  2. This is an interesting facet of yours, Rajesh. An artist and a cartoonist.

    The attention to detail is amazing. Liked the color combo used, the angle at which the desk is placed, the service catalog, H2S:), the interesting red hair plait on the girl at the desk, flat-footed gentleman with 34-48-22 and his cute wife, look like a well color coordinated, perfect couple. Great visualization.

    In these hyper-stressed times we live in, catching up on an Instant Nirvana in a (H2S) SPA treatment during boarding waits at airports can be a value added service. Maha Nirvana sounds like utter bliss (not sure whether dear Buddha attained the “maha” or a normal nirvana) . Buddha must surely envy the instantaneous options available to humans today. I suspect though, that given his inclination to give away things in charity, he might cringe at the rate card.

    Keep them coming. Makes my day.


  3. Nice Cartoon. Aptly summarizes the way nowadays Self-realization/ Nirvana etc. has been commercialized, as if it is a commodity that can be purchased by shelling out few bucks.
    Also you can’t compartmentalize Nirvana the way the characters are talking. Nice Satire !

    1. Thanks, Gopi.
      I also doubt whether the spa owners have the required permissions to use Buddha’s name and image to promote their spas. Though, I very rarely see a spa without Buddha’s name or image.

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