Book: Demons of Chitrakut by Ashok Banker (Ramayan series book-3)

“She slapped him.

She put all her strength behind the blow. His face was flung sharply to the right, his vision blurring out of focus before the world swam back into view, accompanied by several motes of swirling light, and he found himself facing the wall. ……

‘Stop it,’ she said….”
— Chapter 22, Kaand 1, Demons of Chitrakut   

The above is an interaction between Sita and Rama, when he tells her that he has to go on a long exile, alone

Cover Demons of Chitrakut

Title Demons of Chitrakut
Series Volume-3 of the 8 volume Ramayana series
Author Ashok Banker
Available at, and Flipkart

NOTE: Please read the comments on the whole series here , as the reviewer’s opinions on the series are expressed there.

The Story in Book-3

The high-level storyline in this part of the series:

Rama and Lakshman, under the guidance of Vishwamitra, have decimated the host of asuras moving towards  Mithila and Ayodhya. Rama weds Sita and Lakshman weds Urmila (Sita’s sister). The other brothers of Rama marry Sita’s cousins.

The wedding party on its way back to Ayodhya is challenged by the axe welding sage Parashurama – the confrontation between Rama and Parashurama is captivating. Back in Ayodhya, the duo of Manthara-Kaikeyi manipulate Dasharath to exile Rama. Sita and Lakshman accompany him voluntarily.

The rest of the story is about their adventures in the early part of their exile.

There is the irascible Jatayu, the aging man-vulture. We encounter Bearface and his gang of outlaws, once again. Ravana’s sister Supnakha continues to stalk the trio.

Ravana is in a limbo, and his pious brother Vibhisena tries to keep Ravana’s kingdom of uncontrollable asuras together. Here is a description of a gathering of asura chiefs that Vibhisena is trying to manage

“The rakshasa chieftains were as surly and bloodthirsty-looking as ever, licking their fangs and tusks in restless anticipation. A trio of them, two females and a male, were engaged in fervent copulation as he passed, or perhaps they were solving some dispute the rakshasa way”.

— Chapter 15, Kaand 1, Demons of Chitrakut

To know more, read the book – it is worth multiple reads.

The book is available at, and Flipkart.

NOTE: Please read the comments on the whole series here , as the reviewer’s opinions on the series are expressed there.

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If you have not yet read any of the books in the series, go for the first one right away! You will not regret it.

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