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Cartoon: The ‘Missed-Call’ Mode of Communication

Missed-Call Cartoon

Increasingly, ‘missed-call’, or ‘miss-call’, or ‘miskol’ (Philippine lingo) is being used as a means of communication, not just by individuals, but also by organizations, who openly ask their customers to ‘give a missed-call.’

I did find it difficult to explain the concept of ‘missed-call’ to a friend from a Western country. His question was “How can I give you a missed call? If you don’t pick it up, you miss the call. The caller cannot control whether it is a missed call or not – only the receiver can make it a missed call or picked call.”

Anyway, here is another attempt to explain what a missed-call is.

‘A missed-call (or miss-call or miskol) is a telephone call deliberately terminated by the caller before being answered by its intended recipient. The missed-call (sometimes a sequence of missed-calls) communicates a pre-agreed message without paying the cost of a call.’

This is now being used in an organized way by large entities, for getting prospective customers to indicate their interest in the organization’s product/ service. It is being used by political parties to collect opinions. It is being used by game shows to collect answers/ votes, etc. That is creating a large load on the communications network, without any revenue for the telephone companies.

Here is some data (unverified):

  • Missed-calls make roughly 70% of the cellular phone traffic in Bangladesh
  • The Indian industry of cellphone service providers has estimated a revenue loss due to missed-calls was between 20 and 30%, in 2007

I guess eventually the cellphone operators will find some ways to recover revenues, especially for usage by organizations openly asking the public to give a missed call to a specific number.

Maybe they will create special phone numbers only for missed calls (like toll-free numbers).

Until then, let us continue using missed calls:

  • One missed-call if you read and liked this post
  • Two missed-calls if you did not like it
  • Three missed-calls if you did not read it
  • Four missed-calls if you are unaware of this post


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