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“Life Mantras” – by Subroto Roy – I’m Not Joking!

Some time back, I was surprised  to see a philosophical book by Subroto Roy at an airport book stall. It was titled “Life Mantras”.
Life Mantras

I believe the book was launched in ‘absentia’ of the author (who was in jail) with many heavyweight celebrities and politicians (the launch had heavyweights, the jail also had heavyweights). There were, of course, Sahara employees who hoped for some announcement about their pending salaries, commissions, and bonuses.

The book is published by Rupa, is priced cheap and available easily.

I hope the book generates some of the money that Sahara has to deposit with the SEBI :-).

Maybe, now Vijay Mallya will be inspired to write a book titled “The Greatest Escape“?

Or, the political parties’ high-command can write “Win Some, Lose Some Lose Some, Lose Again” (you can guess which parties).

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