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Movie: The Reader (2008, English, US-Germany)

The Reader is a romantic drama (with some element of suspense) spread over many years (1958 to 1995). The story is linked to the WW-II atrocities committed by Nazis and the attempts of Germans to come to terms with their own implicit role in those atrocities.

Here is a quote from the movie:

“The question is `How could you let it happen?’ And better -`Why didn’t you kill yourself when you found out?’ Thousands! That’s how many. There were thousands of camps. Everyone knew”.

– Dieter, a law student emotionally asking his professor in The Reader

The movie won critical acclaim and a lot of awards, including the best actress for Kate Winslet  at the Academy Awards.

The Reader DVD Cover Image

Directed by Stephen Daldry
Released in December 2008
Genre Romance; Drama
  • Kate Winslet, as Hanna Schmitz, a tram conductor and ex-soldier in WW-II
  • David Kross as Michael Berg from the age of 15 to 23 (schoolboy to law school student)
  • Ralph Fiennes as Michael Berg, the adult.
Music by Nico Muhly
Produced by Anthony Minghella, Sydney Pollack, Donna Gigliotti, Redmond Morris
Language English
Length 2 hours 4 mins

The DVDs is available at Amazon.in, Amazon.com, and Flipkart.

The Plot

In the year 1958 in a German city, a 15-year-old schoolboy, Michael Berg (David Kross) is helped by tram conductor Hanna Schmitz (played by Kate Winslet), when he suddenly takes ill on his way back from school.

This accidental meeting becomes a clandestine, torrid affair between the teenage boy and the woman in her mid-thirties. Michael is obsessed with Hanna and Hanna seems to enjoy his company, especially when he reads to her from his books (these range from classics by Homer and Chekov to Tintin comics).
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