Cartoon: How Many Marathons Does a City Need?

Cartoon: How Many Marathon Does a City Need?

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Author: Rajesh Naik

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2 thoughts on “Cartoon: How Many Marathons Does a City Need?”

  1. To get people out of their “sit-a-thons” and get going literally, marathons seem to be the answer.

    And given our ingenuity to accommodate the motivations of shapes and sizes with differential mobilities, versions of marathon (semi, quarter, crawlathons) have been devised.

    It is actually good to see people heartily joining marathons, treks, nature trails etc and enjoying the time off work. Great stress buster actually. And in today’s stressed environments, any excuse to unwind is a blessing. Marathons seem to be the unifying call in cities.

    And on weekends when these are held, the city looks joyous and vibrant. And if people have to join the crawlathon and run the green mile to get to their boring destinations, so be it:). Let them enjoy the passage::)

    1. Thanks, Prakash.

      Maybe people need to look up the meaning of the ‘Green Mile’ before joining that one 🙂


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