Cartoon: Get Ugly Billboards Removed?

Cartoon: Get Ugly Billboards Removed

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Author: Rajesh Naik

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8 thoughts on “Cartoon: Get Ugly Billboards Removed?”

  1. Absolutely smashing cartoon. The satire ON the Billboards and BEHIND them is so spot on and expressed so succinctly. From to various intents of “change” across airways.

    By shielding us from the views of “uglier” ugliness, I guess billboards serve a noble purpose. With the “a-swacch” Bharat around us, sticking billboards every where and making our nation a ‘billboard nation’ might be the way to go to distract tourists and retain internal sanity. Like false ceilings that hide the mess (mesh) of ugly wiring and cupboards and sofas and makeshift curtains at home that hide the un-cleared mess, billboards (ugly or otherwise) are needed to stage a cosmic scene that is more palatable to the eyes.

    Get Ugly billboards removed? No Sir. Let them be. If you cannot Clean it, Cover it.

  2. There may be a need to have “perfumed” billboards as well to overcome the stink emanating from what may be shielded beyond.

      1. Billboards advertising medical therapies should help those developing allergic conditions. Idea is that there will be billboards for everything.

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